ACP OpDesign: Optimal Design Gateway
A Collaboration of ETA & BETA CAE Systems

Coming Soon

ETA and BETA CAE Systems have collaborated to combine ETA’s Accelerated Concept to Product Process with BETA CAE System’s powerful software platform, ANSA, into ACP OpDesign. ACP OpDesign will be available soon.

Image Courtesy of WorldAutoStell

ACP OpDesign provides two major functions for product design and development.  First, it acts as an Optimization Suite, which allows the engineer to perform any type of design optimization.  It offers an easy and effective gateway to commercial optimization and solvers.  Second, led by design optimization, it provides tools to design structural products, from concept to production.

CAE, design and manufacturing are all synchronized to find the optimal design solution.  Using ACP OpDesign, various shape (geometry), gage, and material grade design variables are setup using ANSA’s morphing and optimization setup functionality. Post-Processing is done in automated sessions, which track and report responses for the runs and optimization tools provide easy to use and simple to understand optimization results. 

The solution can be applied to a range of structural products in a variety of industries. ACP OpDesign is a gateway to a variety of tools and promises to streamline the product design and development process, making a wide array of structural products lighter, cheaper, stronger and more efficient.